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The pipe lines are produced from models (3D measuring) or drawings/sketches on the 3D bending machines. Here, stainless steel pipes from 4-22mm and aluminium pipes up to diameter 25mm are finished. The connecting ends will either be formed (forming/press machine) according to requirements or soldered/welded with the corresponding fittings (i.e. Banjo). The majority of our fittings are produced on our CNC machine. Appropriate fittings can be installed upon customers’ requests.

The pipe lines are manufactured so that they are reproducible and to the mm exactly, which in turn allows their application even in limited working spaces. Through the compact design of pipe lines, they take up significantly less room in comparison to hose lines.

Typical areas of application include the following – Oil, cooling water, cooling agents and air (airjack), withstands temperatures up to 350°C and pressures of up to 1000 bar. All lines are tested multiple times to 100% nominal pressure, as well as recorded and when necessary certified with EASA Form 1.

With the use of specialised technology, combinations of hose and pipelines are possible. With appropriate fittings, parallel lines and assemblies are achievable.

The bending of solid materials is, of course, also possible.

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