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Kuhnle Engineering GmbH

Kuhnle Engineering was founded in 1984 by motorsport enthusiast and engineer Dieter Kuhnle, the company was able to make a name for itself in the motorsport industry, thanks to his close cooperation with the customers. Even today, his designs in hoses & pipelines are considered to be the standard in motorsport and engine development. The quality and reliability of Kuhnle products is indisputable –  Kuhnle is a company upon which you can depend. Fulfilling customers wishes with passion and motivation.

In 2008, Harald Tebes acquired the company and kept a strong focus on the continuing development. It is with thanks to his visions and willingness to invest that the brand of Kuhnle Engineering was able to further establish itself. As a result of our customers, the corporation was also able to keep a steady growth going.

Through the purchase of two 3D pipe bending machines and one Faro 3D measuring arm, custom-fit production of pipelines for motorsport and chassis as well as brake lines was achieved with the ability of batches as low as 1 unit! With which, Kuhnle would be the single supplier of hose & pipelines capable of such small batches.

In 2010 Mr. Tebes sold 50% of the GmbH to his senior employee Michael Porst. Mr. Porst’s goal was to bring the company closer to the industry. In 2012, this began with the implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality system – which is continually maintained. Improvements included the introduction of a merchandise management system in order to ameliorate the efficiency of order processing and upkeep. Followed by the growth of the inventory, delivery times were also made more efficient – the top priority in motorsport (bar the guaranteed quality). Having spotted that the ability to work on site, directly at the vehicle/aircraft was a highly desired service, Mr Porst quickly took this opportunity and acquired the necessary investments. The customer knows: Kuhnle is prepared to do what it takes. After the on-site service, the customer receives a clear overview as well as all of the necessary drawings for future orders. In 2013 the company moved into its new office, in which the company Lötec, owned also by Mr. Tebes, is based. Mr. Porst held a strong focus on expanding the company’s position in the market, as well as continuously strengthening its reputation in terms of quality. In 2015, motivated by a guaranteed customer project, the process to becoming EASA Part 21 G certified began. For which external experts were acquired as consultants.
In 2016 the company Kuhnle Engineering showed to be capable of a forward leap in its performance. Growing numbers of customers showed strong interest in small series of up to 500 units, instead of just prototypes and pre series batches. Further investments and strategic decisions were imperative. Mr. Tebes wanted to keep his focus on the company Lötec.

In meantime marketing and sales activities were optimized. As a result EASA part 21 G certified was achieved (01/2017).

Through the investments in CNC processing machines and the expansion of the production, the capacity for accelerated, successful order turnover is guaranteed.

Thanks to a new IT system, Kuhnle is ready and able to take on new and bigger demands.

Kuhnle currently employs 9 people and in 2016 achieved a turnover of over 1million €. Via new customers and our new foothold in aviation, the company is on track to continue its strong and steady growth.

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